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Summer 2018 - Showers

This was the first song I wrote one afternoon right before a storm and right when I was able to finalize the chords and in what order they should go in, An actual storm set in and it was a crazy coincendce cause I wanted the melody to sound like rain in a way but melodic at the same time, so i just recorded raw sound from outside while it was calming down outside my window and just did a couple of takes on top of it and gave it some space with an echo and reverb. That's pretty much it, I always try to get a melody out first otherwise I'll forget it midway through doing everything else, totally cool to do whatever comes naturally to you. This song was made using Garageband if you are interested and its one of the two songs I don't have in HD quality, including Take Flight.


Winter 2018 - Take Flight & Suevenir

Take flight took about two weeks to get right, right at the end of 31 seconds was the beggining melodic phrase that set the mood of the song and after that it was just a matter of putting some sort of low-fi chorus/rhythm to the rest. After that I tried experimenting with different timings of what phrases should come in, there are three accoustic tracks in total with one I had as a leading track for transitioning the chorus along with space and the melodic track hitching a ride everynow and then. All in all this was really fun to make and sure I made a few mistakes but I loved the way this came out. I also started to tweak panning to see what it could do for me and I didn't mind the way it sounds but I feel like I could have done with some drums or an alternate instrument.

The deadspace in the begining was probbably a bit too long but I wanted to give a feeling of being in the moment as time starts to slow down, those moments in the summer where you start to stare at rays of light or people just being themsevles and getting lost in the heat of it all, being aware of time was the original title to this song and even though I still think it fits I wanted to save that aspect of connection to the understanding of a song to when I get better at writing them if that makes sense. This was the first song I did in a free version of Ableton Live 10, even though I had limitations with the editor while just starting out a youtuber named Underbelly helped with the controls and how to get the most out of them, which was a massive boost in my motivation. Nearing the end I started to experiment with reversing tracks and low-fi distortion which I may come back to one day as it was really fun to get lost in tweaking the glitchy nature of it humming in the back of my head as the melody sweeps in to make sense of it all tonaly. Shortly after the summer ended a lot of personal things came up and I took a break from releases (not that I was doing much in music anyways.)


Spring 2022 - Filter & Anthos

From the Start I wanted a track that focused on the sound of reversed tracks but placed in the same order as the chords would be and I loved the breathing effect it gave to the track. The verse chords that are strummed are part of a song I was in the middle of when I plateaued during the pandemic it was cathartic to finally put it somewhere in retrospect. The melody that is sprinkled about came naturally and tweaking it about the end to make the track mellow and aimless which is how I felt from the beggining felt like a perfect relfection of how I wanted this to sound. The original melody was something I was inspried from mathrock and learning tapping patterns which will be given a proper movement in a song eventually.

Purely for fun this track was a challenge to myself mostly. During my mental puzzle solving of writing another song, I was in the middle of playing Silent Hill 3 on a hacked PS2 Slim, the sound track in SH3 is phenomenal and I put a lot of what I got out of the game into this song. Feeling trapped for personal reasons and the feeling of responsibility as I was finnally able to get my drivers license at 23, put a lot of FUCK YEAH into this song. I think this is the first song I did with my electric guitar, a 99$ fender with a behringer distortion pedal my friend gave me months into this project. Yes this song took several weeks to finish and I still don't feel satisfied with it as it feels more like a rant in the begginning but I still wanted to offically say it was done to get it off my mind and keep myself moving in a direction.



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