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[19:54] A lot has happened since I last posted, been saving money, work has been fun, have had less time for art because of that. I did move the clothing store stuff for my art out from teespring to now redbubble bc of quality and just more options. Not much has changed, but a lot has changed if you get my drift. I recently started a project where I was trying to soldier a new part for my guitar and failed misirably, which put me in a bit of a mood, and on top of that I tried swapping the shell out of my DSi, another botch job. Not my month so far, hopefully next update will be more interesting, maybe I'll have more time to work on this site.



[01:04] Today was an eventfull today, I got a job working at a hardware store and man my feet are killing me but its been fun so far. Everyone there was really nice and we got a lot done this weekend, they took me off monday through thursday because I'm still in training and those are their busiest days. Might make a few new art projects tomorrow and see how that goes, reddit has been the most kind about my art projects which is surprising from an outsiders perspective but any other social platform is pretty much you either have to have thousands of followers despite using hashtags or start paying for ad spots like for instagram. I may finish my review of Ergo Proxy cause I have been done with that anime for a while and might start on either Clannad or Deadman Wonderland, see ya soon.


[01:12] I was able to get a list of my top ten favorites in a few categories to give you an idea of what I enjoy, note that I haven't been able to finish some of the manga I put down yet I will get to them soon! I promise but for now a break. Also changed the way the blog is laid out hope it makes sense, I may add a comment section or maybe a guestbook not sure yet.

[11:22] Not sure if it's just me but I have come across an issue with neocites' syncing of the style.css where it just either takes forever or fails to save the file once you press SAVE and refresh your neocities link, maybe its just because I don't have a premium account yet, I'm short on cash so thats gonna be awhile but I may eventually. I was able to get a job about a week ago and I start on either monday or tuesday, pretty excited all things considered.



[00:07] Well this is a relief, I was able to figure out DDNS for my ISP and I had no idea it was really simple, once again I was over complicating things. But hopefully everything works alright and nothing breaks this time. Woke up at 6pm so thats nice, still debating the title font for landing pages might do old school ascii. The sequel part of the main page title was a joke from a friend and I thought it was funny enough to add in.