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I enjoy anime as much as the next poser and I'm ok with most of the 90's and 00's. recently in my opinion it's gone downhill with the infection known as "moe" but I won't go into that here. There are many discussions about the blandness and controversies of non-Japanese anime that I really don't care to talk about extensively here. I would love to form good reasons for my critiques in the form of short essay's but seeings how no one is interested in that, I'll stick to short summaries instead. I have a few starting recommendations if you are looking for something to watch but if you want to get into the reviews they are down below.

::y tho?::

One thing I look for in an anime is something I've come across known as world building, but it goes much deeper than that, I would rather call it "lived in detail" the attention to detail to every element of a page in a manga to the intricate art style of Akira, everything so immense in detail that the world itself tells you it is alive, is so interesting to me. In Blame! there is this weapon the main character has called the GBE and it's like if you started off a some game with a cheat code a massively over powered weapon, but it fits the environment and the character in that, the character can use it as leverage situations that may seem difficult to solve. My favorite series is Cowboy Bebop by far, nothing can top that emotional roller-coaster, not to mention the amazing music by Yoko Kanno.

Fan art of Killy using the GBE

The GBE used near its max potential

::watched anime::

WIP the layout is finished but the pages are not! Crossed out names in red are Anime I have not finished or started. Green means there is a review up and the page is added, white is finished and yet to be reviewed.